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Poor Airflow From Your Ducted Heating?

A common complaint from our customers is poor or uneven airflow coming from the vents of their ducted heating. Before giving us a call there’s a few simple things you can check first to save you some cash. 

First, make sure the return air grille of your ducted heating is free from any obstructions.

Most customers that have their return air located in the hallway cupboard often forgetting to keep this area clear from clutter. In the past we have had customers place boxes, or linen over the return air obstructing the air flow. Ensure nothing is being stored or has fallen over blocking the vents. If you are unsure, you will notice a loud sucking noise as the return air is struggling to get sufficient airflow to the machine.

Clean your return air grille.

If your return air is removable, its best to take the entire frame out and give it a good vacuum. Wipe down any leftovers with a damp cloth. Check the quality of the material. Any tears or deterioration in the material may mean its time to replace it. These small maintenance checks will improve not only the air flow but your air quality too!

Check each individual vent is open.

Go around the house and check that each vent and cover is open. Do this by removing the cover and opening the metal flap inside. Then set your vent covers to open.

Clean out each individual vent.

Quite often children love to “post” things down the vents and a fair amount of dust will collect down there also. Ensure to clean all of this out and ensure that their is no obstructions or damages in your duct work. This is easily done with a vacuum cleaner and damp cloth.

Call a Professional!

Rapid Cold Airconditioning offer after sales servicing and warranty call outs to customers that have had their units installed by us. So, if no air flow is coming out, you can feel cold air coming out, or if you can see light through the vent, give your installer a call. Your ducts are either damaged or have been disconnected from the machine. If you don’t know who your installer is, it is best to “Find a Dealer” or “Book a Service Agent” with the brand of your existing unit. You can do this simply by Googling the brand and finding their website.

Alternatively, it may be time for an upgrade. Have a look at Daikin or Mitsubishi Electric‘s reverse cycle system and give Rapid Cold (Mitcham) a call to discuss your options and get a free quote!