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Upgrade your Gas Heating to Reverse Cycle…

…and here’s why!

Upgrading to reverse cycle aircon is the answer to your rising gas bill:

Upgrading to reverse cycle aircon is the answer to your rising gas bill:

Gas prices are rising year on year, experts suggest it will not slow any time soon! Now is the time to make some serious changes, by switching your old ducted gas heater to a reverse cycle aircon heating and cooling unit. You will experience whole year comfort and save money!

 Simply changing to reverse cycle ducted or split system ac you will be making a considerable  saving up to 41% on your heating running costs.

Still Not Convinced?
Well – You Can’t Deny the Figures!

Take a look at the difference in your spending if you were to upgrade to reverse cycle systems.

It’s undeniable! In every scenario your running costs are cheaper using reverse cycle aircon!
But wait… There’s more!

With brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric offering a range of reverse cycle aircons, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

You Still Need Convincing?

It’s everybody’s goal in life to protect and look our for our family. You wouldn’t drive your child around without a seat belt or certified child seat, because we know there’s risks involved. You wouldn’t send them to bed if you knew they would never wake up. Right?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Chase (8) and Tyler (6) in 2010 when mum Vanessa put them to bed with the gas ducted heater still running. Gas heaters are deadly if not maintained properly. Did you know they are required to be checked at least every 2 years as they can leak carbon monoxide, an odourless and colourless gas?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen in any home with gas appliances and can be lethal, particularly to small children, or cause chronic illness. In the case of Chase and Tyler, the two boys were put to bed with the door closed. Mum and dad stayed up and kept the gas heater on. During this time Chase and Tyler’s bedrooms filled with carbon monoxide. They never woke up again.

If you’re concerned or worried about your existing gas heater you should arrange to have your heater checked by a professional gas plumber.

DOWNLOAD Your comprehensive Gas heater to Electric airconditioning Guide

If you would like to eliminate your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and those ongoing fees,
check out our refrigerated reverse cycle systems here.

Eliminate the Risk, Upgrade to a Reverse Cycle Aircon TODAY!


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