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Box Window Wall Units

Box window wall units consist of a single package air conditioner that is installed through a wall or in a window space. Box window wall units achieve heating and cooling by a refrigeration process, using R32 refrigerant, where the cool coil extracts heat from the air and dissipates that heat into the air through the hot coil.

In cooling mode the cool coil is inside the home, and the hot coil is outside. In heating mode the hot coil is inside and the cool coil is outside. This is known as “reverse cycle” or “heat pump” heating and cooling.

Rapid Cold Airconditioning is offering worry-free installation for box unit. We will install the unit and fix the wall for you, it will look perfect and working efficiently. See the one we have done for our customer, if you need one, please contact us

Gree box unit installed Gree box unit installed


6 Year Warranty on All Products


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Gree Window Wall Unit

Gree has cleverly designed this compact sleek Coolani window unit air conditioner with R32 Eco-friendly Refrigerant.  This Gree window type unit provides comfort cooling and is ideal for apartments, small offices, garages and pre-fab buildings as well as being the perfect solution to replace your old existing window wall unit.

Gree Box Unit Brochure