Zoning your Home

Want individual control in each of your rooms? Maybe everyone likes the degrees just slightly different, or maybe not every room in the house is being used all day every day. Well, you could be saving running costs and making the control of your home easier with zoning. (Zoning is an optional extra). Zoning Settings […]

Poor Airflow From Your Ducted Heating?

A common complaint from our customers is poor or uneven airflow coming from their vents. Before giving us a call there’s a few simple things you can check first to save you some cash. Make sure your return air grill is free from obstructions. Most customers that have their return air located in a cupboard […]

Home Maintenance Tasks Never to Neglect

As we go about our daily routines, busy schedules mean we often do not have the time, nor do we remember to address certain household tasks. It is not until a serious problem develops, and one that we cannot ignore, that we take action. It is best to routinely tackle maintenance tasks so that you […]

6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Cooling and heating solution by park lane

Prepare your home for the chilly weather ahead and minimise your heating bill this season with a few smart tips and tricks. Insulate and Seal Your Home Cold air can creep in through poorly sealed or insulated ceilings and walls around the home. Do some detective work to find the worst culprits. Investigate the caulk […]

8 Common Heating Problems & How to Fix Them

Brr… Melbourne might just have the worst winters in Australia, so you’re going to want to be comfortable in your home when the temperature drops. Therefore, you want to ensure that it’s running efficiently and in tip-top shape as the winter months approach. That’s why it’s important to have your heating system serviced before the […]

4 Ways Air Con Maintenance Helps Control Allergies

From watery eyes to throat tickles, congestion to sinus pressure, it’s no fun to be under allergy’s thumb. But what can you do? Plenty! If you have allergies, a well-running and well-conditioned AC is almost as powerful as your allergy meds.   How Spring AC Maintenance Can Combat Seasonal Allergies AC Maintenance Reminds You of […]

5 DIY Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home!

5 DIY Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home! Indoor air quality is a bigger problem than most people realise. While outdoor issues are often visually apparent, such as, fog and smoke, indoor air quality can go unnoticed. Here are some tips on how you can overhaul the indoor air quality in your […]

Carbon Monoxide is a Silent Killer!

Beware Carbon Monoxide – A Silent Killer Do you use a gas heater? Gas heaters can be deadly if not maintained properly. First of all, if gas heaters are faulty or poorly maintained they can leak carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. […]

Experts Predict Gas Prices Will Climb

Major changes in the gas market have increased the running cost of gas heating appliances for Australians. The amount Australian households pay for gas is heavily influenced by the higher prices gas exporters can obtain from other countries. As a result, Australian households are paying more for gas.