Filters are a really important element to keeping your indoor air quality at home super high and clean. Check out the video below to see just how important they are, and read our article below explaining the difference in material. Not loading? No worries, check our the Healthy Homes Australia episode here! Standard Electrostatic Filters […]

Heating and Cooling: An Essential Service

During these tough times many Australians find themselves confused over what an “essential” business or service actually is, and are unsure as to who they can and cannot contact. Rapid Cold would like to confirm that an essential service is defined under the Building Regulations 1994 and includes Air Conditioning Systems, Heating Units and Mechanical […]

Rapid Cold AC’s Plan during the Spreading Period of Corona-virus

Corona Virus Business Plan

LAST UPDATED 23/03/2020 With Covid-19 impacting everyday life for many of our staff and customers we have collectively come up with a company plan to protect both our staff, customers, and their families. It’s on the news every minute of every day. We now see a travel ban, school closures, toilet paper sold out. The […]

Staying Healthy Indoors and Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

How healthy is your home? Health and well being are increasingly hot topics in Australia – but while there’s plenty of talk about diet and exercise, there is one aspect that’s often overlooked: indoor air quality and the health of our home environments. When you consider that we spend as much as 90% of our […]

Smart Style: Daikin’s US7 is the First 7 Star Split System

Daikin US7

Daikin US7 The Daikin US7 is Australia’s First 7 star Energy Efficient Heat Pump This unit is more than just a split system. The US7 is packed with advanced features to heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, purify and ventilate the air. The US7 is truly one of a kind in the market place. There is no […]

Winter is Coming: Benefits of Reverse Cycle Heating Systems

If you are looking to reduce your energy bills this winter – fitting a reverse cycle heating systems (heat pump) could be the answer to your heating needs. Compared to a gas heater you could be looking at huge annual savings to your energy bill, read here. Reverse cycle systems are an energy efficient method […]

How Effective is a Split System Heat Pump in Winter?

If you need air conditioning in summer and heat in winter, a reverse cycle heat pump seems like a good idea. But, how effective is it compared to a heating only system? No to Gas Firstly, we should note that we are not considering gas heating. Gas is a fossil fuel and there is simply […]

Beat the Winter Chills: A Guide to Reverse Cycle Heating

As Melbournians head into the colder months, thoughts turn to staying warm. What’s the best reverse cycle heating system for you? Rapid Cold Air Conditioning discusses the options, their pros and their cons. In this article we will be focusing on what are arguably the two most popular energy-efficient heating options. Reverse cycle split systems […]

What is a VRF System?

A VRF system is a very sophisticated HVAC system that uses refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. They are special systems that are gaining popularity and are considered as enhanced versions of multi split systems. They feature heating and cooling, as well as heat-recovery capabilities. But what does VRF system stand for? What is […]

How Good Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

When it comes to home air conditioning, reverse cycle has become the common choice for many Melbourne residents. This is a style of air conditioning system with both cooling and heating functions. Besides, winter is short in Melbourne. Thus, reverse cycle air conditioning can help save on heating and cooling costs. Also, it will keep […]