Does your air conditioner have superpowers?

Superpowers aren’t something we usually associate with air conditioning – but the energy saving features in some of today’s cutting-edge models might really surprise you. Not only does this advanced technology mean air conditioners are now incredibly effective and reliable, they’re also more economical and powerful than ever. We think that’s worthy of superhero status. […]

Danger Signs & Symptoms of CO Poisoning

Danger signs to look out for around gas and other fuel-burning appliances include: Sooting, yellow or brown staining on or around walls, ceiling or below the appliance. Excessive condensation in the room where the appliance is installed. Lazy yellow or orange coloured gas flame, rather than a sharp blue one Note: gas log fires have […]

Is it the flu or carbon monoxide poisoning?

As temperatures plunge, the risk rises for a persistent winter health hazard: carbon monoxide poisoning. Health officials are warning that the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be mistaken for the flu. A mix up that could prove deadly. Carbon monoxide poisoning sends several thousand people to emergency rooms each year. Carbon monoxide, CO, […]

The advantages of a reverse cycle air conditioning system

Why you should consider a reverse cycle air conditioning system We’re blessed to live in the lucky country, where we enjoy one of the best climates in the world. Long summers and mild winters, and the odd super-chilly, dare we say, freezing cold night. If you live in the southern states of Australia in particular, […]

7 Tell Tale Signs: it’s time to replace your air conditioner

If you recognise any of the signs, call in a pro from Rapid Cold Airconditioning to discuss your options. 1. Unit is blowing hot or cold air which is inconsistent to temperature settings. One of the most common problems in an older air conditioning unit is that it just doesn’t cool or heat. It may […]

Australian Made: Daikin’s going Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

This year, Daikin is excited to grow their local footprint with four Daikin products officially bearing Australian Made certification. In addition to being great news for Daikin, it is also for consumers and businesses wanting to support our local economy. Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro says… “We are thrilled to welcome Daikin Australia […]

Why you should upgrade your AC

Technology is on the march and air-conditioning is at the forefront. Modern air-conditioners, also called heat pumps, are extremely efficient. For every kW of electricity consumed, three or more kW of heating or cooling capacity can be produced. If you bought your air-conditioner in the early 2000s you should be aware that it is very […]

Gas – Heritage gas heaters

All Victorians with a Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage gas heater need them serviced by a qualified gasfitter immediately. Tests show that these heaters may produce too much carbon monoxide if they are not properly installed and maintained.  The combination of inadequate ventilation, operating bathroom or kitchen exhausts at the same time as the heater […]

Heating your home with gas

Gas heating can be a deadly way to heat our homes if not maintained properly. These heaters can become dangerous, particularly in newer built homes or those that have been retrofitted to be better sealed and more energy efficient. Carbon monoxide (CO) All gas heaters have the potential to spill or leak carbon monoxide (CO). This […]

Safety Alert: Gas – Open flued gas heaters

Energy Safe Victoria has raised Safety Alerts on four open flued gas log space heaters. The Safety Alert includes: Regency i31 (manufactured from 2010) supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd Regency F38 and FG38 supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd – branded and supplied by Masport prior to 2006 (excludes LP model) Nectre 2000 (manufactured from 2007) supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia […]

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