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Gas Ducted Heating: Everything You Need to Know

As the winter season draws near, it’s not unusual that most people prepare for it. A lot of people rely on gas ducted heating systems to heat their homes. Gas ducted heating systems are efficient systems that can change your room temperature almost instantly. Consider using gas ducted heating systems as they are eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

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How Gas Ducted Heating Systems Work

A gas ducted heating system works differently from other heating systems. With a gas ducted heating system, you can heat your entire house with a single heating unit. You can install the central heating unit on the roof space of the house, or outside the house. Likewise, you can connect the central heating unit to different parts of the house through ducts.

Furthermore, place the duct outlets on the ceilings or floor of the room that requires heating. A fan sucks air into the Central heating unit for heating. The central heating unit uses natural gas-powered heaters to heat the air. These natural gas-powered heaters can be in form of a gas furnace or a reverse cycle conditioner.

To reduce heat loss, the ducts become insulated. Afterwards, the insulated ducts release the heated air into the room through the duct outlets to heat the room. The return air grille takes the air in the room through the vents to the heater for recirculation. When the heater repeats the collected air, it pushes the air back into the room. This process helps to make sure that the external temperature does not affect the indoor temperature.


 Essential Components of a Gas Ducted Heating System

The ducted heating system includes different components that help take cold air, transport it to the heater, heat it up, and release the heated air into various parts of the building. These components work together to heat up the house efficiently.

What’s more, the components that make up the ducted heating system include a central heating unit, grilles, thermostats, insulated ducts, and vents. The central heating units heat the air, the thermostat controls the temperature, the insulated ducts transport heated air to warm your home, and the vents allow the air to pass through to the heater.


Which Energy Star Rating Should You Choose

The energy star rating is a rating system for heating and cooling systems. Ducted gas heaters have their rating label on them. These star labels give information about the amount of gas consumption by a unit during winter. It also provides details about the energy usage of the heating system.

Furthermore, heating systems with a higher star rating imply that they are more efficient. The lower the star rating, the less efficient your heating system is. Most importantly, efficient heating systems save energy and reduce the costs of paying high electricity bills. Check MORE for details.


Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

Here are a few benefits of using a gas ducted heating system for your home.

  • It allows zoning. This means that ducted gas heaters can heat different rooms in your home from a single unit.
  • It is eco-friendly as they produce less green gas.
  • Also, it is cheap to get and maintain.
  • If you are in a place where electricity is costlier than natural gas, ducted heating can come in handy.
  • It allows you to adjust your room temperature with ease.
  • It heating saves your money by reducing the costs of the electricity bill you pay.


Installation of a Gas Ducted Heating System

The ceiling or the roof space of your house is the most suitable place to install ducts. The ducts connect the central heating unit to your home and let’s air out through its outlets. To install the central units, the floor or the roof of your house is the most appropriate location. Also, the outside wall of your home can serve as a nice spot to install the central heating unit.


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