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Case Study: Jetts Gym

Commercial Air Conditioning Case Study

Jetts Gym 

Situation: Jetts Gym health and workout club located in The Pines Shopping Centre, Doncaster East and Ringwood. Somewhat of a nook in the side of The Pines Shopping Centre the centre includes a cardio area, changing rooms, dedicated stretching area, training zones, weight zones and small group training areas. Similarly, the Ringwood centre consists of the same at a slightly larger scaled space.

Brief: Three times a year maintenance is performed across three reverse cycle ducted units across two locations consisting of deep cleaning, sanitising, deodorising, and regular replacement of filter material.

Uniqueness: Due to the nature of the gym and expecting users to sweat the units are working to cycle fresh air all day, everyday. With the regular use of the units, filters are required to be deep cleaned more often than domestic or regular office use. This also requires frequent deodorising and sanitising to ensure the centre remains fresh during customers workouts.

Solution: Regularly scheduled ongoing maintenance agreement performed every four months. Our system alerts both our office and the client that their air conditioning service is due. We arrange a time for our technicians attendance. Our technician then spends 3 to 4 hours cleaning and thoroughly sanitising the units at one location, and another 2-3 hours at the other.

Time & team: April 2018 – Present

Outcome: Timely and regular scheduling to avoid future problems, zero safety issues, an ongoing service agreement including deodorising and sanitising for happier, healthier staff and gym goers.

Jetts Gym Case Study Rapid Cold

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