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Home Maintenance Tasks Never to Neglect

As we go about our routines, busy schedules mean we often do not have the time to address certain maintenance. It is not until a serious problem develops, and one that we cannot ignore, that we take action. It is best to routinely tackle maintenance so you can identify small problems before they turn into major repair jobs.

Check Air Conditioner Drainage

Blockage in your condensate drain line can cause water to settle which can also lead to mould development. Mould spores can spread through the system, through your ducts, and into your indoor air. A blocked condensate drain line can also cause water to overflow and damage the foundation and walls. A clogged line will also reduce system efficiency. Routine maintenance is a very effective way to ensure that all parts of your system perform effectively. Regular maintenance by your trusted company involves a thorough evaluation of the indoor and outdoor parts of your system in order to identify and fix any problems. Proper maintenance will increase the efficiency of your unit, and also, help to prevent breakdowns and costly repair. If you would like to have this professionally cleaned – suggested at least every two years – give Sanitair a call.

Manage Indoor Air Quality

Whether it’s mould or other airborne contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, bacteria or viruses, poor indoor air can be harmful to your health. Air filters are effective in trapping and destroying these pollutants, but it is very important to wash or clean your filters as needed for them to adequately keep the air clean. If you notice that you or other persons in the household seem to have more allergic reactions at home, it is best to call in the experts who can perform a thorough evaluation of your indoor air quality. Air purification systems also go a long way toward improving air quality.

Repair Electrical Problems

Frayed wires, faulty outlets, circuit breaker malfunctions, and other electrical problems should never be overlooked. To prevent a fire, electric shock, or damage to your appliances contact an electrician for professional and safe solutions. Never attempt to use or repair any damaged electrical system. Your technician will ensure that your current system is adequate for handling the appliances and equipment in your home, and determine if rewiring or upgrades are needed.

Leaky Doors and Windows

Cracks or gaps in doors and windows can result in unwanted air entering your home, and cause much-needed conditioned air to escape. This will make it more difficult to cool or heat your home efficiently, and your air conditioner will run unnecessarily to try to restore ideal temperatures. This will result in energy waste and increased energy bills. Sealing these leaks with caulk or weather stripping will effectively close gaps if properly applied.

If you’re still having problems, it may be worth considering a Daikin or Mitsubishi Electric upgrade.

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