Sales Advice

Count On Our After Sales Maintenance

When you buy a new air conditioning system, your best bet is to find one trusted vendor that can handle all your aircon needs for you. You want someone who can inspect your space and advise you on what the right solution is for you. Someone who can sell you the right unit and install it. A business who can be there to provide a split system or ducted aircon maintenance after you buy — just in case you need it.

At Rapid Cold Air Conditioning, we provide all these things and more. From initial talks to inspection and from purchase to installation, we are there. We also offer rapid after sales support, when you need it. So, if your unit goes down in the middle of a summer day and you need ducted air conditioning maintenance to keep your house from turning into a sauna, we are there.

Quality Installation and Quality Products

Of course, we’d rather you not need after sales care—not because we dislike providing them, but because we know air conditioning problems are a hassle for our customers. While we will always make things right if you do encounter an issue with your AC unit, our bigger goal is to make sure you don’t have issues—at least not for many, many years.

Rapid Cold can do a lot to prevent future problems just by choosing the right products. We are an authorised dealer of air conditioning units from Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, and Gree. These are all high-quality brands that have proven their worth and reliability over the course of many years. We are staunchly opposed to bad products and do everything we can to save our customers from them.

Another factor is our installations. We consider ourselves more of an air conditioning installation company than an AC unit dealer. This distinction is important to us because it helps explain why our installations are so detail oriented. We don’t want to be the equipment dealer that does quick, half-hearted installation work to fulfil customer expectations. Instead, we want to provide high quality installations that preclude the need for repairs or servicing in the future.

Because of this commitment, we only hire licenced installers and electricians to do installation work. We also stress the importance of customer relations as part of our company culture. We want every employee to put customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities list.

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance

With all that said, if you do need ducted aircon maintenance after you’ve had your system installed, we are standing by to provide it. We offer a six-year workmanship warranty on all installation work, which means you can call us for any maintenance or troubleshooting issues for the first six years after you buy your unit. This warranty, coupled with the minimum five-year manufacturer warranty on every product we sell, guarantees the best customer experience possible.

When it comes to choosing a new air conditioning system, don’t settle for second rate. Instead, contact Rapid Cold today for better products, sales and installations.