heating and cooling upgrade

Need a Heating or Cooling Upgrade?

Important questions to consider before embarking on having your heating or cooling air conditioner installed!

Q1: What type of home do you have? 

There are a lot of things to consider when quoting for a heating or cooling air conditioner.

Space: roof space, flooring space, usable external walls, are we dealing with double storey, flat roof or small apartment? If you live in an apartment or share walls with neighbours, this may limit your locations. You’ll also probably need body corporate approval before you go ahead. And if your house is built to the boundary, you should check whether your system is quiet.

If you’re in a freestanding home, it’s worth remembering that installing your air conditioner shouldn’t reduce the fire resistance level of any wall or affect your home’s structural integrity. There are many factors which can affect the installation placing restrictions on where and how it can be installed. To avoid wasted costs, we recommend a quote with Rapid Cold to carefully assess your property. Book now! They will be able to advise on the best location to install your air conditioner both inside and out.

Q2: Which rooms or spaces do you want heating or cooling?

The answer is simple. It’s wherever you want to enjoy heating or cooling the most. For example, you choose Split System Air Conditioning that is heating or cooling for a couple of rooms, think about which ones you’d like them to be. Perhaps it’s your bedroom, for those hot, sticky nights. Or your home office, where you’ll be working during chilly winter days. Or potentially you’d like to control the air in the baby’s room.

Remember hot air rises and cool air sinks, so having your air conditioner installed in the right position will help ensure the heating or cooling circulates more evenly.

You should also consider whether your home layout will stay the same long term. You don’t want to divide a room into two down the track and find that the second room is no longer covered by the system you originally installed.

Q3: What’s the best location for the outdoor unit?

Ideally, your outdoor unit should be mounted where there’s plenty of free space for airflow and easy access for maintenance.

If you’ve chosen a split system or a multi-head, the outdoor unit should be installed on a firm base. I.e. attached to a wall or on a concrete slab. For maximum efficiency, it should also be located within approximately 15 metres of an indoor head unit. A Rapid Cold member can explain in detail how the location of your unit will be effective via a free inspection. Book one today by leaving us a message!

Q4: Should you install the air conditioner yourself or choose an expert?

Unless your system is portable, your air conditioning system should only be installed by a licensed professional installer. Licensed installers carry an ARCtick of approval, which means they are qualified to safely handle refrigerant gases.

Rapid Cold is highly experienced, with certified installers who can advise on everything you need to know. See here.

You’ll also have peace of mind when you install with Rapid Cold you’ll receive a 5-year Manufacturer’s warranty and 6-year Workmanship’s guarantee.

Source: Daikin