Can heat or cool between 5 to 8 rooms using only one outdoor unit. Suitable for individual control in each room without the clutter of multiple machines outside. It is recommended that your system get professionally serviced annually, before the summer season, to ensure its performance across all units is at the standard it should be.

Minimum 5-year warranty on all products.

Daikin Multi Split Systems can heat or cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. A Daikin Super Multi NX reverse cycle system gives you the ability to individually control the temperature at each indoor unit, keeping in mind they must all be on the same setting (i.e. all on heating – at different temperatures. Or all on cooling – at different temperatures). This means the ideal temperature can be maintained while ensuring running costs are kept low, as only rooms requiring air conditioning are switched on. With a wide variety of indoor units available, it is easy to select a model that matches your home décor and blends in unobtrusively. Each indoor unit can also be individually controlled, scheduled, and set to the desired room temperature.

NOTE: If you’re in need of a multi head system that requires more than 5 indoor units, please have a look into the Mitsubishi Electric Multi Head system below or the VRV and VRF Systems.

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Super Multi NX

  • Up to 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit
  • Wi-Fi Capable
  • Wired or Wireless Controllers for individual control
  • Intelligent Eye: human sensor for energy saving operation
  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • 1 phase power supply
  • R410A refrigerant

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Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi Split System air conditioners allow up to 8 indoor units to be connected to just one outdoor unit. This improves both outdoor space and external aesthetics and makes for an economic multi-room solution. You have the flexibility to choose the perfect indoor unit for each room. For example, you may want a super quiet, low capacity unit for a smaller bedroom and a stylish, higher capacity unit for the larger living room.

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Inverter Multi

  • Up to 8 indoor units to one outdoor unit
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Wired or Wireless for individual control
  • Inverter Control: tempered air distribution for energy saving operation
  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • 1 phase power supply
  • R410A refrigerant

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