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Heating and Cooling: An Essential Business

During these tough times many Australians find themselves confused over what an “essential” business actually is, and are unsure as to who they can and cannot contact.

Rapid Cold would like to confirm that an essential business is defined under the Building Regulations 1994 and includes Air Conditioning Systems, Heating Units and Mechanical Ventilation. Therefore, our technicians and trades will continue their work – unless told otherwise.

Please note the health and safety of our staff and customers is paramount, therefore, we are limiting the amount of people inside the showroom until further notice and in home quotes have been restricted with screening questions being given to all customers. Alternatively, inquiries can be handled via phone (o3 9873 3858), email (admin@rapidcold.com.au) or live chat on our Facebook.

We expect COVID-19 to have little impact on our operations. Therefore, we will continue to provide you with our high standard of works and customer support.

The works we are still providing:

  • Gas heating: changeovers, new installations and servicing to existing customers.
  • Split system: changeovers, new installations and servicing to existing customers.
  • Multi-head: changeovers, new installations and servicing to existing customers.
  • Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling: changeovers, new installations and servicing to existing customers.

*Please note at this current time we are remaining open and committed to supplying these works to you. However, under the Governments recommendations we cannot guarantee that your booking will be upheld if circumstances change. All deposit monies will remain held by Rapid Cold and no further monies will be required until the works are completed in full. Please note that we are installers only and we do not control the delivery times or availability of stock. If circumstances around stock delivery or availability change we will update you and reschedule or supply an alternative as needed.

So, here’s how we will continue to provide our essential business works:

  • For new inquiries please contact our Administrative staff via Email: admin@rapidcold.com.au, Phone: 03 9873 3858, via our Website Contact Form.
  • To ask questions about a quote, job or invoice you can contact your Sales Consultant via phone or email. These details will be found on any email correspondence, quote or invoice sent by your Sales Consultant.
  • Live Chat is available Monday to Friday from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm via Facebook.
  • You can subscribe to our Mail Chimp emails via our pop up or ask a staff member to add you!

If you do not wish to have an in home quote, we will need an email with:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Requirements for heating and/or cooling,
  • Model number (if known)
  • Number of heads/units/vents etc, and,
  • Pictures.

*Please note, if you have been traveling, are feeling unwell, or have come into contact with an unwell person we will not attend your property under any circumstance. If our staff members believe there is a person onsite that is unwell, they are instructed to leave immediately and self-isolate for 14 days. Please, do not arrange any works if you or a family member are unwell as you will be risking our workers health and hinder them from doing their job for others.

**In addition, we confirm that none of our staff have been traveling. No persons in our business is feeling unwell or have come into contact with an unwell person. While working in and around your premises, our staff will follow strict instruction to comply with our COVID-19 Plan which can be read on our website.