Gree Air Conditioning Buyer's Guide

Gree Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right Gree air conditioner for your home needn’t be a daunting task. 

Gree has a range of reliable air conditioning units to suit any home design and budget. Similarly, Gree’s intelligent air conditioning technologies ensure maximum energy efficiency, pure air quality and precise temperature control. In addition, they are designed to work with your home’s natural air flow and temperature range to create the perfect climate. Hence, with a Gree air conditioner you can be confident that your home will be comfortable and inviting all year round. Simply use this guide to assist you when making the decision to purchase the ideal air conditioning unit for your home.

I only need cooling, can I get a cooling only unit?

Unfortunately, cooling only units are not sold across Australia outside of Queensland and Darwin. Due to Melbourne weather and the $20-50 difference in expense, its always suggested to install a reverse cycle air conditioner so you have the option all year round for heating or cooling.

What size do I need, can I just guess?

In short, the ceiling height and area of the room will determine the capacity of the unit that you need. Hence, the larger the room, the larger the capacity of the air conditioning unit. However, the location of your windows and if you’re north or west facing can also effect the size you need.

Therefore, if the unit is too small, it will not be as effective or energy efficient, as it may use a higher amount of energy to cool or heat effectively. If the unit is too big, you will be wasting a lot of energy and money on a system that is constantly stop starting as it quickly reaches room temperature and turns off. Therefore, when the room temperature drops, it will start up again.

In conclusion, one-size does not fit all! It is highly recommended that you arrange a free onsite measure and quote with one of our Sales Consultants and get a no obligation quote!

How is the size of an air conditioner measured?

The Australian standard measures the capacity (heating and cooling power) of air conditioners with Kilowatts (kW). This is a measure of an air conditioners output capacity; as in the amount of heat that will be removed (cooling) or added (heating) to the room/s in your house. These measurements are shown on the Energy Efficiency Rating label found on all air conditioners as Capacity Output kW and Power Input kW.

I need something for my bedroom, but don’t want loud noise waking me or my neighbours. Are split systems noisy?

If internal and external noise is an important factor, you should be sure to check the noise level rating. Gree air conditioners are amongst the quietest in the world!

What is an Energy Efficient Rating?

The Energy Efficient Rating was introduced to give consumers independent and standardised energy efficiency information to compare the performance of domestic appliances on an easy-to-read label. The Energy Rating Label has two main features:

  1. The star rating gives a quick comparative assessment of the model’s energy efficiency. The higher the number of stars, the better the energy performance.
  2. A number (usually shown as kilowatt hours kW/year) that estimates the annual energy consumption of the appliance. This number is calculated from test results combined with the Australian average household usage estimates. The lower the number the better the energy consumption, and cheaper the running costs.

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Where can the split system be installed?

Because an air conditioner has two components (an indoor and outdoor), you will need to consider where both will be installed. Given the indoor unit will be a fixed feature in your house or apartment, the aesthetic appearance is important. Choose your air conditioning unit wisely to ensure the design complements your home.

Make sure there is plenty of room around the outdoor unit so air can freely flow in and out. If you live in an apartment or in high density housing, ensure you have ample area for the outdoor unit to be installed. Please consult with your local council or body corporate for any installation guidelines prior to making your purchase. As you may be required to have their approval prior to installation.

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Who should install my new system?

For the best result and peace of mind, we recommend you have your air conditioning unit installed by an Australian Refrigerating Council (ARCtick) licensed installer. This way you are sure they are fully qualified and experienced installers. If any problems arise in the future, you can be sure to call on them to fix the problem.

To speak with your nearest Gree air conditioning specialist, simply contact Rapid Cold or call 03 9873 3858.