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Upgrade your AC and Increase Efficiency in Vermont

Technology is on the march and air conditioning is at the forefront in Vermont. Modern air conditioners have seriously increased in their efficiency. For every kW of electricity consumed, three or more kW of heating or cooling capacity can be produced. 

If you bought your air conditioner in the early 2000s you should be aware that it is very different to what is available today. Current air conditioning technology is quieter, more adaptive to upgrades and being controlled remotely, has longer warranty periods, and best of all, is much cheaper to run.

The latest ducted systems can be 25 per cent cheaper to run than a model from the early 2000s. As well as having much quieter operation, they can be controlled remotely. How’s that for efficiency?

Rapid Cold Airconditioning Pty Ltd has a range of system options to suit your style, usage and needs in Vermont.

When buying it is good to consider your best options for heating AND cooling. In Melbourne, cooling may only be needed a few months each year. While heating can be needed for up to six months or more. Installing heating and cooling appliances that complement each other, such as reverse cycle air conditioning, can help reduce installation and running costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Important Facts You Should Know:

  • The average house has 10 rooms but usually only four inhabitants.
  • This means only three or four rooms are being used at any time.
  • Many ducted systems don’t give householders the chance to zones multiple rooms.
  • This means the householders are paying to cool more rooms than they are using.

The Solution To Better Efficiency For Vermont Homes:

  • More zones plus more airflow control adds up to comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Zoning is an innovative control system offered by Rapid Cold AC. It is compatible with all major brands and addresses the major issue of system efficiency.
  • Zoning divides your house up into 10 zones. You can control exactly what room you want cooled (or heated) and by how much.
  • Another advantage of zoning is its use of motion sensors to detect if a room is unoccupied. It will decrease the level of cooling, saving the household 20 per cent in running costs. When the motion sensor detects that a person has returned to the room, it restores cooling to the pre-set level.
  • Another feature is its Exact Air Regulators, fitted to existing ducting to direct air flow to where its needed.
  • There’s an easy-to-use control panel or Smartphone download.
  • Read more about Zoning at Daikin Australia

Please contact Rapid Cold or call 03 9873 3858 for further information.