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Are split systems expensive to run for heating?

With a rising cost of living, smart decisions around heating and cooling your home can have a positive impact on your monthly bills.

A traditional home heating system require intrusive ductwork to deliver warm air throughout a home, mini-split heat pumps provide an efficient alternative. The split systems are a type of temperature-control system that are installed directly in the room they are heating so the warm air doesn’t have to be transported around the home.

One of the features that really sets the split systems apart from other temperature control options is their use of inverter technology. With such technology, it allows the heat pump to intelligently adjust heating output based on the temperature and conditions of the room it is located. An inverter air conditioner uses microprocessors to control the speed of its compressor motor to match the required output. Once the room is cool or warm, an inverter air conditioner lowers the speed of the motor to save energy and maintain the desired temperature. Thus, less energy is wasted and comfort is enhanced.

Below is a pros & cons comparison between ducted gas heating, split system and portable electric panel heater:

Gas Ducted Heating

Split System Air-conditioner

Portable Electric Panel Heater


  • Heat up fast
  • Current gas price is generally cheaper than electricity
  • Only the air grills are visible in the house
  • No carbon footprint
  • Air purification feature, reduce dust, allergens, bacteria
  • Cost efficiency as zoning
  • Solar power support
  • Quiet systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Sleek design
  • Smartphone control



  • Cheapest option
  • Flexible
  • Easy setting up


  • A silent killer, risk of carbon monoxide leakage
  • High annual maintenance cost due to safety and health reason
  • Heating the entire house at the same time unless zoning which is very costly
  • Check at least once every 2 years
  • Upfront cost more
  • Only can heat up small space
  • Not efficiency

For decades Victorians have cooked, showered and warmed themselves cheaply with gas. Since the gas supply is uncertain, experts are predicting the gas price will be dramatically increased. Eventually, the running cost of using gas heating appliance is costly. Switching to split system electric heating will save up to 39% yearly. Let’s be a smart user, make a wise decision!

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