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Need Air Conditioning Installed in Croydon?

If you don’t already have one, then the answer to the above question is “yes.” Croydon gets hot; that’s just a fact—and when it does, your home should not be considered complete without a functional air conditioning unit. You want to make sure that the model you’ve chosen functions precisely as it should, though. This means that you need to have it installed correctly. Unfortunately, many of the problems customers face are caused by mediocre installation. 

An improper AC installation means that your home won’t be effectively cooled. The chances are that the unit will still function, but it will use too much electricity for only sub-par results. That can drive up your energy bills, and still leave you feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s important that whoever installs your air conditioning is skilled and experienced.

Who might the most qualified people around be? Good question. One excellent option is Rapid Cold Airconditioning. We’re a family based business with nearly a decade of experience installing air conditioners throughout Croydon and other nearby areas. With an intimate knowledge of airconditioners and a passion for business, we’re one of the most reliable for quality installations.

What Makes a Good Croydon Air Conditioning Installation?

It’s all about the details when you’re dealing with the installation of an AC unit. Too many people try to cut corners, resulting in a sub-par job and a product that can’t do what was advertised. Using components that don’t correctly fit together is a common problem. If for example, your supply duct is put together with incompatible parts, it will leak, making your system much less effective. Then there are problems such as exposed wires, which can be safety hazards in more ways than one. Not only can you trip over them or catch yourself on them, but they can also be responsible for electrical fires that can put you and the other people in your building at considerable risk.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you only trust an installer with an excellent track record and a list of satisfied customers. If you purchase your unit through Rapid Cold Airconditioning, we offer you a five-year manufacturers’ warranty and a six-year installation warranty. We take care of all issues regarding your heating and cooling and even liaise with the manufacturer should you claim your guarantee.

Get the Best for Your Home

You deserve to be comfortable and want to make sure that your system is installed by the best. Trust us to handle it. Our qualified, licensed, and experienced technicians manage all installations to ensure your confidence. At Rapid Cold Airconditioning we understand the technical aspects as well as aesthetic flow, meaning our installations won’t detract from the beauty of your home.
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