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Daikin Split System

Smart Style: Daikin’s US7 is the First 7 Star Split System

Daikin US7

Daikin’s US7 is Australia’s First 7 Star Energy Efficient Reverse Cycle – Daikin Split System

This nifty little unit offers much more than your average split system. In fact, Daikin US7 is packed with top quality features enabling users to heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, purify and ventilate air. This truly unique system is one of a kind in the air conditioning industry. The US7 hits the mark for eliminating the need for endless appliances to purify, humidify and dehumidify in one beautifully designed unit. Daikin have created the best heating and cooling solution available for the domestic market. While creating a system that runs efficiently enough to save money on heating and cooling your environment all year round. Notably awarding it the very first 7 Star Energy Efficiency rating for split systems!

Tell Me More about the US7’s Efficiency!

Daikin US7 reverse cycle Daikin split system is the most efficient air conditioner on the market. Thus, saving households loads in running costs. We know split systems are already way more efficient and cost effective compared to electric systems and gas ducted heaters. But the US7 goes above and beyond to help your hip pocket while providing the same amount of heating or cooling as other options.

Switching from Gas Heating to Reverse Cycle Ducted

But – What Are The Running Costs?

An Australian household running a 2.5kW (cooling) / 3.6kW (heating) US7 (model FTXZ25NV1B) can spend up to 4 cents a kW, per hour. Moreover, households taking advantage of solar will spend only 1-2 cents a kW, per hour.

What Else Is There To Know About The Daikin US7?

Award Winning Design

Daikin was awarded the Reddot Design Award in 2013 exclusively for their US7 model in the air conditioning category.

Controls Humidity Levels

Many customers face side-effects of a dry Melbourne winter experiencing dry skin, eyes and a sore throat. The US7 can eliminate this problem by increasing humidity in the room. This works by drawing moisture from the outside air and distributing it inside making you feel warmer.

Similarly, the system can remove dampness from the air during the summer without changing the indoor temperature. Through intelligent control of the indoor heat exchanger and mixing warm room air with dehumidified air, the US7 reduces humidity without making your room too cold.

Fresh Air Mode

Fresh air mode allows the unit to ventilate your room by filtering outside air and introducing that to your environment. Here, the outside air is purified and brought to the desired temperature setting before releasing it into the room.

Kills Bacteria and Mould

Using 2-Stage Filtration the US7 decomposes bacteria and mould by using Flash Streamer Technology and ionisation with an advanced plasma electric charge. The indoor unit’s flash streamer removes formaldehyde and allergens from the air while the outdoor unit removes carbon monoxides via a thermal catalyst.

Daikin US7 Remote ControllerEasy to Use

With the backlit wireless remote you can control the US7 via a timer, pick your airflow direction, speed, and even put it on quiet mode during sleep.

As an optional extra, add wi-fi control and download the Daikin Mobile Controller for complete control inside and outside of the home. Also compatible with home automation systems.

Energy Efficient

The Daikin US7 split system air conditioner is the top of its class. With its humidifying, dehumidifying, ventilating and air purification capabilities the US7 is a Sensitive Choice approved product by the National Asthma Council of Australia. It is also the first to earn a 7-star ‘Super Efficiency’ rating in Australia. The US7 is shown to run 30% more effectively than other split systems in the range.

Self Cleaning Filter

The US7 is automatically cleaning as it is in use. An internal brush automatically collects and deposits dust from the air filter into the internal dust box for easy disposal. This helps maintain stable air flow and minimise power consumption.

Coanda Airflow

Discharge louvres are specially designed to stream air upwards along the ceiling for longer throws. This delivers rapid cooling and even temperature distribution. Additionally, airflow can be controlled to randomly vary direction to simulate the sensation of a gentle breeze.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 is the next generation in refrigerants with 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ than R410A. This enables increased energy efficiency and less risk of harm to the environment, which is great for the environmentally conscious.

2-Area Intelligent Eye

An infrared human presence sensor helps prevent draughts and enables energy saving operations when the room is unoccupied. If no movement is detected for 20 minutes it adjusts the temperature by +/- 2 degrees C to save energy.