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5 Common AC Problems

5 Common AC ProblemsAir conditioning has to be one of the most useful modern inventions because it makes life at home so comfortable. No longer do we need to rely on fans to cool us during the hot summer period. We can simply flick a switch and let cold air ooze through the room. Sleeping, eating, watching TV and just about every other household activity is more enjoyable when you’re comfortable. But as with any electrical appliance, AC units can experience problems. 

Unfortunately, some of the most common problems are a result of bad workmanship. Of course, it’s not always the installer’s fault when problems arise because AC units degrade over time, therefore it would be time to upgrade.

Below, we’ll talk about five common issues with air conditioning.

Common Issues

After time all AC units are bound to experience problems after prolonged use. But some issues need to be tended to sooner than others. Therefore, it’s always cheaper, in the long run, to do repairs as soon as issues arise.

Here are some of the most common air conditioning problems:

Faulty wiring – Units that malfunction as a result of bad wiring can be frustrating. But it can also be a fire hazard in severe situations. It’s vital to utilise qualified installers when purchasing new AC units.

Broken outside fan – The outside fan’s job is to transfer heat from your home to the outdoors. This is vital to the functioning of your AC.

Frozen coil – Coils usually freeze as a result of an airflow issue, which can be caused by dirty filters or low refrigerant. You’ll likely need a professional for this problem.

Dysfunctional external unit – There are many causes of this problem, but it’s usually concerned with the contactor, thermostat or lack of power.

Low refrigerant – It’s important to keep it topped up so the unit and your home keeps its cool!

As you can probably see, some of the issues listed above are hard to identify without professional help.

That’s What Warranties are For!

First call your installer to see if you are still covered under your warranty or can claim existing customer discounts. If not, check out your manufacturers website for companies in your area to ensure you hire someone that knows your specific unit.