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Zoning your Home

Want individual control in each of your rooms? Maybe everyone likes the degrees just slightly different, or maybe not every room in the house is being used all day every day. Well, you could be saving running costs and making the control of your home easier with zoning. (Zoning is an optional extra). 

Zoning Settings

Access features such as child lock, night quiet mode^ and servicing information.

Program Mode

Tap to change your 7 day program with 4 simple time periods (including a temporary over-ride function).

Switch to Cooling

Quickly switch to cooling (if applicable). Display turns blue when cooling and red when heating.

Zone your home with three zoning options*

Hence, save up to an extra 60% on running costs with zone control.

The Benefits?

    Complete control over individual comfort needs
    Flexibility to heat only parts of the house in use
    Heat only the zones you are in and save

The Options?

Standard Zoning

  • Set one temperature for all zones
  • Ability to turn zones on and off

Central Control Zoning

  • Set different temperatures for each zone
  • Additional discreet Air Sensors located in each zone
  • Ability to turn zones on and off
  • Option for up to 10 different zones

Complete Comfort Zoning

  • Set different temperatures for each zone from a dedicated controller in each zone
  • Zone controllers come with in-built air sensors
  • Ability to control whole system from a central controller
  • Set independent programs for each zone from central controller

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