Winter is here: Have you prepped your air conditioner?

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Prepping Your Air Conditioning Unit for Winter Brrrr! Winter has arrived. It’s the time of the year when we switch our air conditioning from cooling to heating to keep us warm and cosy in these cold and dormant months. As always, a little preventative maintenance can often save a lot of expense and inconvenience down […]

Winter is Coming: Benefits of Reverse Cycle Heating Systems

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If you are looking to reduce your energy bills this winter – fitting a reverse cycle heating systems (heat pump) could be the answer to your heating needs. Compared to a gas heater you could be looking at huge annual savings to your energy bill, read here. Reverse cycle systems are an energy efficient method […]

How Effective is a Split System Heat Pump in Winter?

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If you need air conditioning in summer and heat in winter, a reverse cycle heat pump seems like a good idea. But, how effective is it compared to a heating only system? No to Gas Firstly, we should note that we are not considering gas heating. Gas is a fossil fuel and there is simply […]

Beat the Winter Chills: A Guide to Reverse Cycle Heating

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As Melbournians head into the colder months, thoughts turn to staying warm. What’s the best reverse cycle heating system for you? Rapid Cold Air Conditioning discusses the options, their pros and their cons. In this article we will be focusing on what are arguably the two most popular energy-efficient heating options. Reverse cycle split systems […]

6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

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Prepare your home for the chilly weather ahead and minimise your heating bill this season with a few smart tips and tricks. Insulate and Seal Your Home for Improved Heating Cold air can creep in through poorly sealed or insulated ceilings and walls around the home. Do some detective work to find the worst culprits. […]