WARNING – New regulations for COMPULSORY Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Negative Pressure Testing on ALL GAS HEATERS.

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How important is it to service your AC system regularly?

Extremely important!

We recommend servicing your system/s at least once a year, carried out the season before you begin using it!

I.e. Get your coolers checked for blockages and leaks before it gets hot. But most importantly, get those gas heaters looked at for carbon monoxide leaks before winter. Read more about carbon monoxide poisoning here.

To ensure you get long-term and trouble-free heating and cooling all year round, we maintain and service air conditioning systems and all gas ducted systems in any residential address. Check out our new procedures for gas ducted heating under the VBA Regulations 2019.

We also offer service agreements for businesses regarding air conditioning maintenance, you can check that out here!

What are the benefits of servicing your AC?

Improved Energy Efficiency – units that are working to the manufacturer’s specifications will cost less to run, this needs to be checked regularly by a licensed technician.

Prolonged Life – with timely preventative care, each unit can last an additional one to three years.

Avoid Breakdowns – you can avoid interruptions and frustration using the air conditioning on those hot or chilly days.

Better Air Quality – Each air conditioning system has a filter, this filter helps to catch little dust and microbes for you to breath in the clean air. Read more about how servicing can help with allergies.

Peace of Mind – that your unit is operating safely and efficiently.

Enjoy a healthier environment with proper cleaning and servicing aircon systems in your house!

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