Aircon servicing can often get overlooked until their is a major problem. By then, it is often too late to get your unit working perfectly or can even mean a replacement is needed. To ensure your AC is set to handle the heat this summer check out our tips here!

How important is it to service my Air Conditioning system?

Extremely important! You wouldn’t skip servicing your car for years and expect it to work at its peak performance, right? Therefore, treat your AC with kindness with regular aircon servicing and it will work for you and your family for years without hassle. In fact, well looked after units should last you between 15 to 20 years.

How often should I be servicing my Air Conditioner?

Depending on how frequently you use your AC, some at home maintenance can be done. For instance, operation manuals will tell you how to best clean your system. This will have come with your unit or you can access current manuals online.

Generally speaking this includes regularly:

  • Removing and washing out the filters from your Split System or Multi-Head indoor unit in lukewarm, soapy water and allowing it to dry completely before putting it back in. This is accessible by lifting the front face of the unit and gently removing the plastic framed filters down toward you.
  • Cleaning the return air grille of your Ducted System and ensuring the filter material is in good condition. This is usually located in the hallway. When in use, summer, winter or all year round, it should be vacuumed monthly. It’s important to ensure nothing is blocking the airflow to your outdoor unit allowing it to recycle air easily without overheating. Therefore, keep an eye on any fallen objects on top of or next to your return air grille ensuring to keep it clear at all times.
  • Finally, Ducted Systems need to have clean vents to ensure the air cycling into your home is free of dust or other pegs, toys and objects usually ‘posted’ by children that may overheat the unit.

How often should I have Professional Maintenance Performed?

No matter what unit you have installed at home, it will require ongoing professional maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Rapid Cold recommends booking a professional service once every two years minimum. Preferably, you want your systems checked before summer use as Melbourne’s weather is so sporadic that the outdoor compressor can really get knocked around before being pushed to its limits in the summer.

Therefore, you’ll want to get your aircon systems checked for blockages, leaks, mould, loose fittings, and sufficient gas levels. This is recommended to have done before it gets hot and your system decides to die in 40 degree heat.

NOTE: Gas heaters MUST be checked at least every 2 years by a licenced gas fitter. As of April, 2019 regulations for installation and servicing of gas heaters have changed. Please read our gas heaters servicing page for more details and keep up to date with the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning here.

What are the benefits of servicing my AC?

– Improved Energy Efficiency

Units that are working to the manufacturer’s specifications will cost less to run. This needs to be checked regularly by a licensed technician.

– Prolonged Life

With timely preventative care, each unit can last an additional one to three years.

– Avoid Breakdowns

You can avoid interruptions and frustration using the air conditioning on those hot or chilly days.

– Better Air Quality

Each air conditioning system has a filter, this filter helps to catch little dust and microbes for you to breath in the clean air. Read more about how servicing can help with hay fever and allergies here.

– Peace of Mind

That your unit is operating safely and efficiently.

Enjoy a healthier environment with proper cleaning and servicing aircon systems in your house!

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We also offer service agreements for businesses regarding air conditioning maintenance, you can check that out here!