How important is it to service your air conditioning system?

Extremely important! You wouldn’t let your car miss a service for years in a row and expect it to work at its peak performance. Treat your ac with kindness and it will work for you and your family for years without hassle!

How often should I be servicing my air conditioner?

There’s a lot you can do at home to keep your unit in tip top shape. Operations manuals will tell you how best to clean your system (this will have come with your unit or you can access current manuals online).

This includes regularly:

  • Washing out filters from the head unit (split system or multi heads),
  • Cleaning the return air and ensuring the filter material is in good condition – replace is neccesary (reverse cycle ducted systems or gas ducted heaters),
  • Making sure the return air is not blocked (ducted systems, usually found in a cupboard – make sure nothing is being stored on top),
  • and Cleaning out outlets/vents (ducted systems, as young children like to “post” things down there).

Professionally speaking, Rapid Cold recommends booking a professional service at least every two years, generally before the summer season begins. This is because Melbourne weather is so sporadic that the outdoor systems can really pack a punch before being pushed to its limits in the summer.

Therefore, you’ll want to get your reverse cycle systems checked for blockages, leaks, mould, loose fittings and gas levels before it gets hot and your system decides to die on you in 40 degree heat.

Gas heaters MUST be checked at least every 2 years by a licenced gas fitter. As of April, 2019 regulations for installation and servicing of gas heaters has changed. Please read our gas heaters servicing page for more detail and keep up to date with the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning here.

What are the benefits of servicing your AC?

– Improved Energy Efficiency

Units that are working to the manufacturer’s specifications will cost less to run, this needs to be checked regularly by a licensed technician.

– Prolonged Life

With timely preventative care, each unit can last an additional one to three years.

– Avoid Breakdowns

You can avoid interruptions and frustration using the air conditioning on those hot or chilly days.

– Better Air Quality

Each air conditioning system has a filter, this filter helps to catch little dust and microbes for you to breath in the clean air. Read more about how servicing can help with allergies.

– Peace of Mind

That your unit is operating safely and efficiently.

Enjoy a healthier environment with proper cleaning and servicing aircon systems in your house!

WARNING – New regulations for COMPULSORY Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Negative Pressure Testing on ALL GAS HEATERS.

Check out our new procedures for gas ducted heating under the VBA Regulations 2019.

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We also offer service agreements for businesses regarding air conditioning maintenance, you can check that out here!