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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Is Better Than Gas Ducted Heating


Are you considering install reverse cycle air conditioner in your house? Just like in many other places around the world, winter can be pretty harsh in Australia.  To make your home comfortable and habitable, you will definitely need it. Keeping your home warm will also help keep you healthy and strong during the winter.

There are different ways to keep your home warm during winter. In the past, people will choose gas heater for the heating option in Melbourne. At the moment, reverse cycle air conditioning is becoming more popular for many reasons. Here, Let me Discuss the two systems for you and you will know why reverse cycle air conditioner is better.

Gas Ducted Heating

  • Gas ducted heating systems used to be the go-to systems for most Australian households when it comes to heating the home. It is better than electric heaters, fireplaces, underfloor heating when you consider such important factors as cost and ease of installation.  As gas price continue to increase, gas ducted heating is becoming very expensive.
  • Lacks relevant technology is another major reason why we do not recommend gas ducted heater system. It is no longer an efficient heating system. Whenever it is on, the motor will always be on, costing you electricity and gas at the same time.
  • It is very difficult (if not impossible) to improve the efficiency of gas ducted systems. Even if you switch to a new one, it can’t meaningfully improve heating efficiency. Again, it is not healthy to use gas heater. It produces carbon monoxide and other air pollutants.
  • Gas heater is not suitable for families that have members who suffer asthma and allergy to dust. It can compromise your indoor air quality.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Reverse cycle air conditioners are air conditioners that can literally reverse their functionality and warm the air. Traditionally, people using air conditioners to cool the room or area. Reverse air conditioners do that, but they can also warm the air when you need them to.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioners work by using energy to capture heat from the outdoor environment and supply it inside. It is  very efficient in heating homes in most climates. They work really great in Australia, which is why they are becoming really popular.
  • With reverse cycle air conditioners, you can achieve cooling and heating with the same system. You can set the mode and the temperature to achieve your desired comfort. The implication is that you can use them to cool in summer and to heat in summer. Even better than that is the fact that you can use them to heat and cool your home at different times of the day, depending on climatic conditions.

Why Reverse Air Conditioning Considered To Be Better – here is the 6 Reasons

As hinted at in the introductory part of this post, reverse air conditioners are considered to be better than gas ducted heating systems. Here are the benefits and major reasons to pick a reverse air conditioning system over the gas ducted system:

  1. It Is Safer And Healthier

Why keeping your home warm in winter is important, you need to ensure that it is also safe. A reverse air conditioner is safer and healthier. Unlike a gas ducted system, it does not produce carbon monoxide (an odourless and colourless gas that is really dangerous).

  1. It Can Help You Save More Money

Recent studies conducted by Sustainability Australia clearly shows that reverse air conditioner has become a cheaper means of heating than gas ducted heating system. This is primarily due to the rising cost of gas, as well as the improved technology used in modern reverse air conditioners.

cost compare for gas and electricity

  1. It Allows For Zone Heating

When you are using a gas ducted heating system, you will have to heat every part of the home. With reverse air conditioners, on the other hand, you can choose to heat specific zones in the house. Spot heating makes it even easier to save more money.

  1. It Works Well With Solar Energy System

Do you use a solar energy system? Then you have another wonderful reason to choose reverse cycle air conditioners over gas ducted heating systems. They are compatible with solar energy (which is super-cheap, clean, and sustainable), and gas heaters do not just work with solar energy.

  1. It Works Great For All Seasons

With gas, you can only heat your home to keep it warm during winter. You will still need to invest in an air conditioner or air cooler for summer cooling. With reverse air conditioners, on the other hand, you can also cool your home in summer and whenever you need it. With a single system providing your cooling and heating needs, it is more convenient and cost-effective.

  1. It Is Easier To Maintain

A reverse air conditioner is a better option than gas ducted systems if you consider ease of maintenance as an important factor in choosing a heating system. Regular annual maintenance is all you need to keep the system working efficiently. There is no need for carbon monoxide texting and other safety issues.



The rising cost of gas in Australia means that gas ducted heating is no longer the best way to heat the home. Reverse cycle air conditioners have been found to be cheaper. Gas ducted heating systems are also not safe for your home. They produce carbon monoxide, which is potentially lethal.

By all standards, reverse cycle air conditioning is the best way to heat homes in Australia at the moment. It is safer, cheaper, and will work all year round, helping you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Are you still using gas ducted heating systems? This is the right time to change things. Get in touch with the experts today to discuss installing efficient and cost-effective reverse cycle air conditioners.


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