Getting your AC professionally serviced in Donvale

Lower Bills: Saving Trees and Keeping More Green for Your Wallet!

Is the cost of your energy bill in Donvale atrocious? Then you might want to consider switching to a more energy efficient heating and cooling system to save money on running costs. Therefore, an Energy Star approved ac unit can cut costs and make all the difference.

You wouldn’t believe how much of your monthly bills are influenced by heating and cooling. The fact is, your air conditioning system is the most important factor that affects the total cost of energy use in your home. Maintaining a cozy average room temperature is actually the most expensive part of home comfort. Because of this, any changes applied should make a huge difference in the end.

Why should you switch to an energy efficient ac unit?

Save Electricity and Keep Costs Down!

Did you know that about half of the average homeowner’s energy bill in Donvale comes from air conditioning and heating? Not to mention, the energy it takes to run the air conditioning can equate to up to 70 percent of the average electric bill in a warm.

Imagine the difference a more energy efficient ac unit would make? It’s amazing how much of the average bill cost you can cut with home air conditioning savings. An energy efficient unit is well worth it in the long run since Energy Star-qualified models use an average of 25 percent less energy than units made before the the end of 2000. A new ac upgrade may be just what you need to lower your monthly utilities.

Feel Better about Saving the Environment

According to Finder Australians wasted $222 million last year on heating and cooling when no one was home. Adding up to $100 to their summer bill.

More food for thought — people in Victoria are using their air conditioning system at least 4 hours a day. That’s a lot of wastage if you have an old and inefficient system.

Save Money in Donvale with Energy Efficiency

Make the switch to a new energy efficient ac! It’s that simple. There are plenty of reasons to opt-in for new air conditioning system.

If you’re in need of new air conditioning installation or ac repair in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Rapid Cold is at your service. Get in contact today.