Ducted Maintenance


My Templestowe Air Conditioning Won’t Turn Off

repairs wont turn off

Your air conditioner plays a significant role in your comfort all year round in Templestowe. That said, you may not want or need to run it all the time. Doing so can drive up your energy bills and put the unit through substantial wear-and-tear. That’s why it can be so frustrating if your AC is […]

Danger Signs & Symptoms of CO Poisoning

carbon monoxide poisoning

Danger signs to look out for around gas and other fuel-burning appliances include: Sooting, yellow or brown staining on or around walls, ceiling or below the appliance. Excessive condensation in the room where the appliance is installed. Lazy yellow or orange coloured gas flame, rather than a sharp blue one Note: gas log fires have […]

Is it the Flu or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

carbon monoxide poisoning

As temperatures plunge, the risk rises for a persistent winter health hazard: carbon monoxide poisoning. Health officials are warning that the early symptoms can be mistaken for the flu. A mix up that could prove deadly. If you would like to have your gas heater tested, please check out our service fees here. Carbon monoxide […]

Heating Your Home With A Gas Heater?

gas heating

In short, a gas heater can be the most deadly way to heat our homes if not maintained properly. These heaters can become dangerous, particularly in newer built homes or those that have been retrofitted to be better sealed and more energy efficient. Carbon Monoxide (CO) All gas heaters have the potential to spill or […]

Count On Our After Sales Maintenance

Sales Advice

When you buy a new air conditioning system, your best bet is to find one trusted vendor that can handle all your aircon needs for you. You want someone who can inspect your space and advise you on what the right solution is for you. Someone who can sell you the right unit and install […]

Poor Airflow From Your Ducted Heating?

residential installation

A common complaint from our customers is poor or uneven airflow coming from the vents of their ducted heating. Before giving us a call there’s a few simple things you can check first to save you some cash. First, make sure the return air grille of your ducted heating is free from any obstructions. Most […]