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Need Air Conditioning Installed in Croydon?

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If you don’t already have one, then the answer to the above question is “yes.” Croydon gets hot; that’s just a fact—and when it does, your home should not be considered complete without a functional air conditioning unit. You want to make sure that the model you’ve chosen functions precisely as it should, though. This […]

Bayswater Air Conditioning Supplied to You Conveniently

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If you’re trying to obtain air conditioning in your Bayswater home, you want to make sure that you’re going to get it quickly. The last thing you want is to have to wait around for days in the heat before a unit is finally up and running. That’s why it’s important to make sure that […]

Choosing the Best Air Conditioning in Kew

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If you’ve just moved to Kew, you might fancy making a few changes to make it “home”. Often, redecorating means changing the wall colour, floors and furniture to make it look unique. But it’s a good idea to invest in practical amenities to make your home more efficient. Of course, you need your home to […]

For Your Air Conditioning Needs in Hawthorn

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Having your air conditioning needs met in Hawthorn shouldn’t be a hassle. Our family here at Rapid Cold would like to provide the folks in Hawthorn with a formal introduction to our company. Our family welcomes your family. When it comes to heating and cooling solutions, we would like to be the family-based business that […]

Air Conditioning Technicians in Camberwell


As the season grows hot, it seems your bottom line is turning cold in Camberwell. The heat strains both your air conditioning system and your budget, so you may find yourself in a panic over your rising utility bills. Rapid Cold Airconditioning seeks to counter this experience. As the premier provider of commercial air conditioning […]

Mitsubishi Electric has a New Range of High-End Designs

Mitsubishi Electric LN Split System

Mitsubishi Electric Australia will soon launch the MSZ-LN range in Australian stores. A new line-up of wall-mounted air conditioning units with a sophisticated, streamlined design and a comprehensive range of features. Mitsubishi Electric’s New Range includes: Advanced sensor technology. Finds your position in the room to deliver even cooling and heating. Sleek, ultra-modern design to […]

Find the Right Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Home

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People think of ducted air con as air conditioning for light commercial applications. Domestic homes are more likely to use split systems or multi-split systems for air conditioning purposes. However, the limitation with split systems is that they can only cool one room or one area of a home. Multi-split systems can expand that reach […]

Air Conditioning Installation is Easy in Canterbury

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Maybe you’ve had enough of sweating it out during Canterbury’s hottest months, and you’re determined to make a change this year. You’ve decided to invest in a central air conditioner for your home. However, you may find yourself slightly intimidated by the prospect of having one installed. Air conditioning installation in Canterbury can seem like […]

Seek Air Conditioning in Forest Hill

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A search for comfort drives you, with every day bringing rising temperatures and high humidity. With a seasonal change comes an undeniable need for air conditioning in Forest Hill. Your current system is, unfortunately, unable to accommodate the swelter. It spits out lukewarm air (while consuming an excess of energy, money, and patience). Instead of […]

5 Common AC Problems

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Air conditioning has to be one of the most useful modern inventions because it makes life at home so comfortable. No longer do we need to rely on fans to cool us during the hot summer period. We can simply flick a switch and let cold air ooze through the room. Sleeping, eating, watching TV […]