Home Improvement Finance Made Simple

Rapid Cold Airconditioning offer a wide range of heating and cooling solutions, and who wouldn’t want to have the best comfort in their home if they could get it today?

Well, many of our customers tell us they love our solution, but just don’t have the savings to do it right now. But that shouldn’t hold you back from upgrading your home and ensuring your comfortable throughout the coming months. So what is our solution for you?

Take out a loan through Rapid Cold Air Conditioning’s partnership with Parker Lane and cover your costs today!

Let’s say estimating an average home – you may be looking at around $7,000 for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, supplied and installed. But if you need something bigger than standard, then you could be looking upward of $10,000. How are you going to save this much before the summer hits?

Well – don’t stress! You can pay off your installation ensuring that for the next 15 to 20 years you will be living in comfort. And if you’re selling, rest assured you will double, if not triple, your installation amount when selling with that feature.

Don’t have the savings for the best heating and cooling solution? No worries!

Rapid Cold with Parker Lane is offering a choice of financial payment plans. Check out the details below for Parker Lane’s Home Extras Payment Plan options to get your heating and cooling needs covered without the stress of having the savings ready to go right now. NOTE: Please talk to your sales rep about the payment plan before finalising your deal.

Why Parker Lane? Why Home Extras?

Parker Lane can arrange home improvement loans for you. Parker Lane help hundreds of people with home improvement finance everyday. Customers consistently tell us that they are interested in updating their home, however they are also concerned about saving money and minimising their repayments. Well, the Home Extras Loan have some of the lowest rates out there, and a Home Extras Personal Lender can also tailor repayments to suit you.

Home Extras is a finance service designed especially for funding the upgrades you want without messing around with the mortgage. Now has never made more sense for home owners to enhance their home’s value, appeal and liveability. You can achieve this with our exclusive range of unsecured home improvement loans and super fast service.

Every loan comes with the flexibility to repay early, make extra repayments, and redraw when you need. Most importantly there are no ongoing account keeping fees or hidden charges.
At no point are you obligated to use these services. You have the right to cancel at any time.

Read more about the loan options [here] and the indicative repayments [here].