Daikin-The Exclusive Airconditioning Supplier of THE BLOCK 2017

Dear customers,

The Block is an Australian reality TV series broadcast on the 9 network enjoy enormous popularity, it is the country’s leading example of a content brand that touching Australians on every screen.

Thus without doubt, only the strongest franchises and brands can be selected to be integrated across every platform. And this year, Daikin have proudly announced that the brand is signed on as the exclusive air conditioner supplier of The Black 2017! And our level of involvement will provide a great lead-in to the summer season.

As the exclusive air-conditioner supplier, Daikin will be guaranteed a number of Daikin branded in-show integrations including:

  • Daikin product installations
  • Daikin branded uniforms worn by installers
  • Verbal mentions of Daikin
  • Concentrated D-Mobile app usage