Evaporative cooling allows for whole house cooling without the expensive running costs and is a cheap alternative for investment properties in need of cooling solutions. Unlike other cooling systems, evaporative cooling pushes hot air out, therefore, when using your system, you must leave doors and windows open for air flow. Evaporative cooling won’t dry your skin, nose, and eyes. It is energy efficiency which means better for the environment and you can be rest assured to get a good night’s sleep with whisper-quiet cooling. 7-year warranty on all products.

A Braemar evaporative air conditioner works by an evaporation process just like a “sea” breeze. Hot air enters the cooling unit on your roof where it is filtered and cooled as it passes through specially designed moistened Chillcel® pads. A fan then blows this cooled air throughout your home. Braemar evaporative air conditioners are reliable and economical, whether you’re looking for a comfortably cool home or commercial environment, evaporative cooling offers entire home cooling without the price tag.

[Evolution Series]
 Highest compacity, ultra-low profile
 Stream line, below the roof ridgeline look

[SuperStealth Invertair Series]
 Ultra-quiet cooling
 Oustanding cooling performance

[Paradigm Series]
 Proven performer, reliable, great quality
 Efficient, value for money

More features and benefits include:

MagiQTouch Controller
• Programmable
• Energy Saving Quiet Mode
• Child Lock
• Air Sensor (optional extra)

SuperStealth® fan & motor
• Excusive to SuperStealth range
• Whisper quiet – quieter than the standard Stealth Fan. Ask your dealer for a demo
• Uses far less energy than a standard fan and motor

Tornado® pump that won’t block
• Australian designed and manufactured
• Exceptional reliability in extreme conditions
• Dual directional – it can’t block!

AutoWinterseal™ reduces draughts and dust
• Automatic sealing system
• Reduces need for winter cover

Auto water draining keeps your system clean
• Empties the reservoir automatically when system is not in use, leaving it clean and dry
• Ensures the system is operating at maximum efficiency, while using the minimum amount of water

WaterManager™ saves water
• Uses the minimum amount of water to achieve high efficiency cooling
• Water quality monitoring to maximise water savings
• Keeps your system clean

Firewall ember screen (optional extra)
• Helps guard against ember attack in bushfires
• Made from non-combustible mesh
• Minimal reduction in air flow of 5%

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