Ducted gas heating can heats your whole home – delivering lovely warm air through unobtrusive vents in the ceiling or floor rapidly.

We carefully assess the available ducted heating on the market and have chosen to supply, install and maintain the brands and products which we think provide best value and performance.  Therefore we do not stock all products on the market, only the ones we think are worthy of your consideration.

Ducted gas heating vs reverse cycle heating

With energy prices rising, ducted gas heating has the edge on reverse cycle when it comes to both efficiency and performance, and even more so now with the world’s first 7 star equivalent* ducted gas heating range from Braemar

  • Cost effective – save up to $612 per year when compared to reverse cycle^
  • Better performance – reverse cycle works less efficiently when outside temperature drops. Ducted gas efficiently remains steady.
  • Instant warmth – ducted gas reaches desired temperature much faster the reverse cycle.
  • Comfortable air – Ducted gas won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cosy warmth.


Ducted gas heating heats your whole home – delivering warm air through unobtrusive vents in the ceiling or floor.  This whole-of-home heating with flexible zoning options gives you fingertip control to suit the whole family.  Ducted gas heating provides instant warmth that won’t dry out your eyes.

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