Bonaire coolers have been designed and manufactured to provide effective and efficient cooling to Australia’s harsh environments.

Whether you are looking for the whole of home cooling provided by the Integra and Summer Breeze models or a the one room solution provided by the Durango model, Bonaire can satisfy your needs.


The engineering team at Bonaire has been continually researching and sourcing the latest developments in motor cooler functional technologies. This has culminated in the development of an evaporative cooler that provides the ultimate in efficient cooing ,operates at considerably less running costs than many similar coolers and which includes some of the most advance operational features of evaporative coolers today. That evaporative cooler is the Pinnacle. So if you are looking for the ultimate in ducted evaporative cooling, then the Pinnacle is the only choice for you. More about Pinnacle

Integra II

The Integra II has many of the features of the Pinnacle utilising the same stylish cabinet design, 120mm FiltercoolTM filter pads and advanced Bonaire Hushwing fan. Integra II also comes with PreCool and Pad Clean functions. More About Integra II